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    Question Device List not Updating

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    Hi Peeps,Has anyone come across the problem of their Deco M5's not updating their device lists ? I have been loading a lot of devices (+25) including IP Cameras, WEMO switches, Nest thermostat controls as well as the usual kit PC's, tablets, phones etc etc. Intermittantly when updating the device list it would fail to load which I could overcome by rebooting the three M5's. Yesterday I added three more cameras which work fine but no matter what I do the device list fails to load. It just shows me the list from a few days ago and does not seem to recognise the additional devices. Any ideas how to overcome this ?

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    Deco support state this is a known issue and a new firmware update next Monday will fix it. I hope so !!

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    The latest update did solve the problem. Thank you TP-Link support.

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    Good to konw. Thanks for your feedback.


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