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    Almost all my TP Link devices have disappeared from the Kasa app

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    I've been adding TPLink smart bulbs and a few outlets to my house for several months. There are now 18 total, connected to Amazon Echo. Until a few weeks ago, I could access the TP Link devices on my phone Kasa app and also on my computer. Then, 17 of the devices just vanished from the Kasa app.

    The only device still showing on the Kasa app is a bulb that I had to reprogram 3 times because it kept being "dropped" from the network. It's part of a named group but will not respond except via phone app. Echo can't "find" it. All the other bulbs in that group can only be operated via Echo. To turn on that group, consisting of 7 bulbs, I tell Echo to turn them on/off and then have to use my phone to deal with that one lone bulb.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled the Kasa app. No change; still just the one bulb showing.

    Why have nearly all the devices disappeared from the app? How do I get them back? How do I prevent them from disappearing again? This has been very time-consuming as well as expensive.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    17 of the devices all vanished from Kasa at the same time? Had you login your cloud account to remotely control them, or you control them at home? Was there any power outage happened?Try reconfigure one device to add it to Kasa again. You can also reset it.

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    Almost all my TP Link devices have disappeared from the Kasa app

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