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    T1600G-52TS with Canon LBP6680 network printer sleep problems

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    I have purchased and installed a tp-link T1600G-52TS managed switch for my home network and I have found a new problem when my Canon LBP6680 laser printer which is connected by network and with a static IP address goes to sleep.

    On my old network switch which was a basic Netgear Gigabit 16 port model, printing from any of the networked computers would automatically wake the printer and it would print but since installing the tp-link T1600G-52TS the printer won’t wake up from its sleep mode as it did before and I have to manually wake it up.

    Does anyone know what configuration settings I may need to update on the new managed switch to restore the old functionality for the printer to wake on printing?

    This is my first managed switch and I am still trying to work out what all the settings do!

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    hey dude, how did you connect the device? Is it like this: PC-----switch----printer?

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    It is connected PC - Switch - Printer.

    I have now found a workaround if i disable all power saving on the printer it dosnt seem to drop the network.


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