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    CPE210 in RV park to improve wifi reception, help

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    I purchased a CPE210 and have it mounted outside my trailer facing one of the many wifi antennae in the rv park. I have the wifi password for the rv park but no matter which mode I am using I cannot seem to get an internet connection through ethernet.

    What I was hoping to do was to use the CPE210 to grab the rv park wifi signal, bring in a wired connection from the CPE210 into the back of an older airport extreme, and then use that to broadcast a stronger wifi signal through my RV. I seem to be getting close but can never get an internet connection. I am illiterate in these regards but I can overhaul your jet engine if need be. Any assistance would be appreciated please. I would be happy with just bringing the ethernet cable from the CPE210 (PoE injector actually) into the back of the iMac but if I can't it running through the airport extreme to get wifi broadcast only own secure network I would be thrilled.

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    The CPE has a directional antenna, while most hotspots use omnidirectional antennas. Basically, this means that if the hotspot's radio signal is too weak to establish a stable WiFi connection with client devices, it most often can't feed a CPE, too. In such a case a second CPE would be needed on the hotspot's side to establish a stable link.

    But since the CPE's receiver sensitivity is usually better than that of client devices, there is a change (albeit a small one) that it could work with only one CPE. You should first try to get a WiFi signal of one of the RV park's hotspots with the CPE in client mode. If this succeeds, you could set up the rest. So, set client mode, do a survey on the CPE, connect and lock it to the nearest hotspot you see in the survey and try to ping the hotspot with the built-in diagnostics tools of the CPE. If this works, you could change settings to improve the signal. But if you don't even see the RV park's hotspot in the survey, all bets are off. It's the omni antenna of the hotspot which is critical here, not the CPE's antenna.
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