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    New FW 1.1.5 now available via app..who has updated?

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

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    Junior Member Scottdotb is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2017
    Just updated and seems stable. Also looks like my throughput between nodes is better.

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    My Deco system doesn't find an new firmware. I'm on 1.1.3.

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    I updated too. AP mode works fine now. Very happy with my deco

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    Junior Member DrRogue is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2017

    FW can be manually downloaded

    This FW can be manually downloaded. See next post

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    it's weird...i left the screen and when i came back to update..it says i have the latest version...oh well

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    1.1.5 is the most stable and bug free so far since 1.1.1.
    Well done. Keep it up.

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    Junior Member joiki_57 is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2017
    I'm not to able to update to 1.1.5, still on firmware 1.1.3

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    I've got to make a decision soon. My return window is closing. I spent HOURS reconfiguring the network devices cince my existing network used a different class c and this is not configurable - something you can do on every $15 Chinese modem in the last ten years. The maximum range between units is no more than 60 feet. In all fairness, it's not terrible now. Probably no worse than the $60 ap it replaced. Not a great recommendation for a $300 set up.I'm leary of installing the new firmware. Last time it took four tries, along with resetting units etc. Then the new device fiasco. Add to this the terrible disappointment with tech support. When I first set this up, it kept telling me it was connected wrong. Since there is NO instructions, I called the number on the box. The phone was quickly answered by somebody on this side of the ocean and he told me I needed to give my modem time to release the old device. My bad. I should have thought of that. Thirty seconds and the problem solved. This is the way tech support should work. I was thrilled.That didn't last long. I did notice the tech support guy seemed a little startled. Apparently, he picked up the call by mistake. When I had to call back, as others have said, it just rings and rings. They may or may not eventually answer in some remote support boiler room over seas. I needed to solve the IP issue, so I persisted. When someone finally answered I had to explain DNS, DHCP and general router setup. I begged for a level 2 engineer. NO WAY. This was the tech support I expected and is, apparently, the norm. If I could snap my fingers and be back to the days before Deco I would. I'm an old guy and really not up to undoing, returning and reconfiguring a new router. Then again, I hate to whizz away $300.
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    Keep,us posted. This doesn't smell good.....

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    the feedback so far seems good...just not able to get it yet

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    Just updated. Everything is working now in AP mode.
    Great job!

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    Is this firmware available in Australia? Just try to update. I am on 1.1.3 also. It said I am up-to-date? The Decos are useless on 1.1.3

    Not sure I want to manually update.

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    I am up and running on the new Firmware (1.1.5 ..... I am in the USA and let the App update mine.....not manual) and it appears to have fixed the AP Mode / Wired Backhaul problem outlined here:


    Any problems I will post but it appears solid so far.


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    I was told the firmware is only available in the US, Europe version will be available next week. Don't know about Australia, but I can image that it will be also next week.


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