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    Cool How to configure Facebook Portal and SMS Portal Authentication on Wireless Controller AC500/AC50?

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    Dear Members,

    TP-Link makes it possible to authenticate your users via Facebook login and SMS.

    On the latest Wireless Controller
    AC500/AC50 (V1_170706 or above), we newly develop two powerful portal features: Facebook Portal and SMS Portal. In SMS Authentication, the client can get a verification code using a mobile phone and enter the code to pass the authentication which provides more security. With Facebook Portal, you can easily verify user identities and most importantly can promote your business and collect customer feedback.

    The following two documents introduces when and why you need the two Portal features as well as the detailed setup and configuration information. If you are already an AC Controller user and not clear about the configuration steps, they will be very helpful to finish your network. And if you are seeking such a Portal solution, it will also be a good reference for your actual portal needs.

    For Facebook Portal Authentication, please read this guide: http://static.tp-link.com/Configurat...ook Portal.pdf
    For SMS Portal Authentication, please check this out: http://static.tp-link.com/Configuration Guide for SMS Portal.pdf
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    Hi, this is Sotirios.

    I am trying to setup Facebook authentication login on an AC50. Everything is done by the book, but i never get the authentication page on my phone. Instead, i get a "connectivitycheck.gstatic" popup, that keeps hunging on my phone. I have a Vernee Apollo X25 and Android 6.01.
    I tryied to setup SMS authentication too, but it is trying to get me to a page "http://1192.168.0.248:8080/wportal/SMS?pagetype=8&wserv_id=3&vlan=4095&staMac=98:" and hungs there.
    What can i do to bypass this problem?

    Thank you very much.

    Sotirios Georgiades

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    Hi Sotirios:

    Please check:

    1. Both your AC and CAP device is upgraded to the latest firmware.

    2. You have configured proper default gateway and DNS on AC (Note: You can find the configuration in Network -> Interface, it is in the default interface)

    3. Make sure your AC is in the same subnet as your wireles device (smartphone and so on). For example, your smartphone's IP is, your AC's IP must be something like 192.168.10.x.

    4. After the configuration about default gateway and DNS, please try if you can ping the www.facebook.com in System Tools -> Diagnostics under the default interface.

    5. Make sure there is no VLAN or ACL configuration or your VLAN and ACL configuration won't block the request of authenticaiton.

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    Did you guys throw away the "Remote Portal" authentication option in 2.5.x? Now all I see are the "Simple Password", "Local User", "Voucher", "SMS", and "Facebook" options -- "Hotspot" is now "Voucher" I believe, but "External Radius Server" and "External Portal Server" options are missing entirely.

    I don't give a fark about Facebook or SMS, I just want my External Portal Server back

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocJones View Post
    Did you guys throw away the "Remote Portal" authentication option in 2.5.x?
    Are you referring to EAP Controller V2.5.x? It's still there:

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    Oh phew... it must be some sort of bug with Mac/Chromium, there was no scrollbar, and the list stopped at "Facebook". I saw it in Chrome on my phone and Windows desktop. Thanks!

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    No problem. At one point the web UI did produce a frozen page in my Chrome on Mac, so I had to clear the browser's cache and to re-install the controller to get a working web UI again. No idea what caused this, maybe some solar winds or current full moon or too sophisticated Javascript.


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