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    Why does Kasa android app send so much data to LB100

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    I'm looking at this on wireshark and any time I do anything with the Kasa app causes it to send 16 1000 byte UDP packets to the LB100. If the Android screen goes dark and I open it using the fingerprint scanner, this behavior repeats.

    I just turned the bulb on and off via Kasa and it's doing it again except the payload length is 1017 bytes.

    The size of the payload suggest a firmware upgrade. I did try a firmware upgrade yesterday. Both times the App reported that the upgrade failed. I checked firmware version this morning and see that the bulb is at 1.4.3 so the upgrade must have succeeded. I went into settings and it reports no units need an upgrade so the app recognizes that no upgrade is needed.

    I just noticed that the payload data is identical for all UDP packets so this must be some kind of configuration data that the Kasa app is sending.

    Kasa 1.8.1 build 670. Nexus 5x running 7.1.2.

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    there will be packets sending for the smart bulb to maintain connection with the kasa app and cloud server, the cloud server records the log or something. Is there a problem using the bulb? or it's just disturbing?

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    Mostly curiosity. A little bit of paranoia. IoT devices are notorious for providing opportunities for security breaches so I take a close look at the devices I put on my LAN. (I also see the bulbs communicating with an Amazon server which I intend to block at my firewall.) I have these set for local control only and don;t care to have them communicating with the Cloud. It pokes holes in my security.



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