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Thread: using DDNS

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    using DDNS

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    I created a domain name in the advance settings (DDNS), but I cannot open the page. I there something else I need to do?

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    May I know which page do you want to open?

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    using ddns

    The domain name I created using tp-link ddns is


    where "xxx" stands for the actual name I used. I thought that if I could open this page I would
    be able to access my deco network from a browser. But what I get is

    [h=1]This site canít be reached[/h] If this is not how it works, can someone explains how it works?

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    what device do you connect the main deco to, a modem? did you open some ports for a certain server in the network that you want to access it with the domain? and also check the IP address that your domain name bind to (cmd-nslookup xxx.tplinkdns.com). if it's a private IP, you need to open port for the deco on your modem or something.

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    the deco is connected to my modem. the rest is beyond my expertise. I wish tp-link would provide a more detailed use of this feature.

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    Usually it works with port forwarding. You need to open a port for your internal server, then you can use the DDNS to access the server remotely. http://www.tp-link.com/us/faq-1797.html
    But be care for about the WAN IP address under Settings>Advanced>IPv4. If it's a private IP address, then you need to open the port for the deco unit on your modem.


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