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    Issues with Outdoor Wireless Networking!!!

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    1) Wired Network Availability
    Yes, the system youíre planning is wireless. But youíll still need to connect to the wired network at some point.
    2) Wireless Interference
    Outdoor planning tools have gotten pretty sophisticated. Weíve got some tools that integrate with google earth and we can even rotate the axis of the view to determine how high off the ground the antenna should be mounted to broadcast the optimal signalÖ.itís pretty cool stuff if youíre a geek like us. Know what we canít do with software? We canít see the signal coming from the power lines close by that will blow out the wireless system after itís installed.
    3) Building Structure
    Chances are your outdoor wireless system will be installed close to or on top of existing buildings. Those buildings depending on age can really mess with a wireless signal.
    4) Changes in physical environment
    Dense trees are readily visible and can be planned around. But those trees can change with the seasons which mean they can be a Wi-Fi killer during spring and summer, but no problem during the winter months.

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    yeah, there are many difficulties need to deal with in outdoor environment, as far as I am concerned, CPE510 works well at a distance of 2km, have never faced problem as drop lines.


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