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    EAP245: 2.4 GHz does not give IP while 5 GHz does

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    Strange issue with my brand new EAP 245 when connecting to the 5 GHz network alll works fine. When connecting to the 2.4 GHz network the device does connect but does not get an IP (/ internet connection). Configs for both networks are as identical as can be.

    I have:
    - updated firmware to latest version
    - turned this device & router on and off
    - have no clue what to do next

    Any ideas?

    Thanks - Tim

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    Weird issue. Is your EAP245 configured as Standalone mode? Please reset the device and disable 5G. Then just connect your device to the 2.4G and see if you can get Internet. Can you screenshot your firmware version and attach it here?

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    When you connect your device to 2.4GHz network, can you achieve the right IP/Gateway/DNS from your DHCP server? Please double check this at first.

    If so and you just have no Internet access, then you can try to ping EAP245, Gateway and www.google.com, see where the problem relies?
    If not, I guess so as you mentioned, then double check the username/password, wireless signal and try to connect to 2.4GHz with another device, see whether it meet the same problem.
    If all have been checked and problem remains, I guess it should be configuration error, you can past some of your configuration screenshot here.


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