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    Question TL-MR3020: Cannot access particular websites

    Model: TL-MR3020
    Hardware Version: V1
    Firmware Version: TL-MR3020_V1_150921
    ISP: German Telekom

    Hello guys!

    Regarding above mentioned issue I would like ask for your assistance.

    I use exclusively a wired network (Ethernet port) in a hotel to go online. As there is currently no WI-FI available I have been using specifically the TL-MR3020 router to achieve the following:
    1. to share the wired network
    2. to bypass the restriction on the number of devices that can connect to the network

    If I hook up the cable to my laptop and go online using the wired connection there is no issue whatsoever.
    However, as soon as I go online using the TL-MR3020 setup I have trouble accessing websites such as

    Either those websites cannot be accessed at all or it takes many attempts and a long time for them to load.

    What can I do to fix this?
    I would appreciate any assistance in this matter.
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    you've configured in wireless router mode? you can change the DNS under DHCP to, and reduce the MTU size, sometimes it works.

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    Hello Shield101!

    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    you've configured in wireless router mode?
    I have tried both 3G/4G and WISP mode. Both having the same issue.

    you can change the DNS under DHCP to, and reduce the MTU size, sometimes it works.
    I have followed your advice and changed the primary DNS server to Also I have determined the ideal MTU size using the guide below and reduced it appropriately:

    Unfortunately, in my case it doesn't fix the issue.
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    Maybe try MAC clone. Connect your laptop to the router by Ethernet, login the router, go to Network, clone MAC address

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    I apologize for the super late reply.

    Thanks a lot for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it cloning the MAC address doesn't fix the issue.

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    all your clients connected to the MR3020 have the same issue? if those sites are important to you, contact the tplink support to get some advice


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