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Thread: USSD for M7350

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    USSD for M7350

    Model :
    Hardware Version :
    M7350(EU) v3.0
    Firmware Version :
    1.1.1 Build 160330 Rel.1002n
    ISP :Swisscom [/COLOR]


    I've just purchased a new TP Link M7350. Unfortunately I cannot send USSD messages for example in order to apply new data packs.
    I have to remove the SIM, and send the USSD code from a telephone.

    Is there a solution to be able to send USSD codes using the M7350?

    Model: M7350
    Firmware Version: 1.1.1 Build 160330 Rel.1002n
    Hardware Version: M7350(EU) v3.0

    Thanks and Regards,
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    are you sure your product support USSD? it's verified that only V4 and above hardware can support. and you need login to web UI to use it. the tpMiFi app cannot use this feature.

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    No I'm not sure. So, V3 does not support USSD. Pitty.
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    Is there any alternate solution?
    Would a Firmware upgrade help?
    Would a 3rd party Firmware help?

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    as far as I know, no official firmware would help


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