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    Does anyone have the UK firmwares for PA8030P v1? both 2.2.3 and 2.4.0?
    These disconnection problems have been bugging me and I don't want to replace my adapters. They work fine besides the constant disconnects without ping, and I really don't want to keep pinging the default gateway.

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    I've noticed that speed of connection in this 2.2.4 is more slower than in TL-PA8010P(EU)-170330-2.2.3-BETA. For example speed of connection using TL-PA8010P(EU)-170330-2.2.3-BETA firmware in my room is higher than 900Mb/s ...but using this 2.2.4 is only about 620Mb/s

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    Negotiated physical line speed has always been on the high end of the scale, compared to other vendors' kit in the same spot. For example, my (now retired) 8030P gave me about 400 Mbit/s where an AVM 1220E or a devolo 1200+ triple give me about 300.

    Actual payload throughput and connection stability are consistently better with those competitor products, and that aggressive speed negotiation may be part of the reason why. It looks good, but isn't actually good.
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