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    I don't use a smartphone Can I control HS110 smart plug from a laptop PC?

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    I don't use a smartphone.

    Can I control HS110 smart plug from a laptop PC?

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    You need a smart phone to set it up. If you're in the US you can get a low end android phone for $10-$30 (get a payg, you don't need to activate it). I have a free PC app you can use for basic discovery and control of your plug: https://sites.google.com/site/mppsui...emoserver-java.

    If you do get a low end android phone you can run my paid app on it (https://sites.google.com/site/mppsuite/faq/wemomanager) that gives you a personal google hosted web page you can use to control it from any web browser: https://sites.google.com/site/mppsui...er/wemoondrive.

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    MikeP: Thank you for the link to your pc program. I also ran across the Home Remote program. lSo I will compare yours with that. If you have already written a comparison, please post it up. Based on the existence of your program and the Home Remote program, I just order the HS110 Kit from TP-Link.

    Also, I have the Nest Thermostat and have Indoor Nest Cams. And will likely be buying the new Nest Cam IQ Outdoor (when it eventually comes out). DO YOU HAVE OR DO YOU KNOW OF A PROGRAM WHICH WILL STREAM TO NAS FOR THE NEST CAMS?

    Thank you

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    Home Remote is a control application, no automation. AutomationManager is a control application (same idea, you can build a custom UI for a home automation control tablet).

    Plus it's a server (for status and retries of changes), a rules engine for more complex automation than the basic provided by TP Link, and you use your own cloud service on your google account which gives the web page I mentioned, logging, etc, - safer 'cause it's a cloud service that you own and manage vs one owned by someone else.

    Amazon dot/echo in particular works very well (fast) as it provides a local bridge for the echo/dot to control the TP Link devices directly without going back through the TP Link cloud.

    Most of the netcam type products are trying to force the purchase of a cloud subscription for saving your video, I find older IP cameras work better for local streaming/recording to NAS. I don't have a nest cam so I'm not sure if it's the same. The Nest products are supported on IFTTT and AutomationManager does have voice and IFTTT integration so you can use them together with the TP Link devices.

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    First install TP-Link's Kasa app from the Play Store onto a smart phone.


    Then install the TP-Link Smart Plug following the simple instructions which come in the box with it.

    Then I downloaded and installed on my laptop, the Windows 10 version of the Home Remote program.

    Then click "+" to add a device.

    Then click on "TP-Link" because you are adding a TP-Link device.

    When it asks for User name and Password, you enter your router user name and password.

    Then it finds your TP-Link Smart Plug(s).

    Do it for each TP-Link Smart Plug or other device.

    It stores your router user name and password, subsequently adding other devices is easy.

    This is what it looks like:

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    As stated above, no automation, just simple on and off.

    Works well.

    [Based on this positive experience, I think I may be buying two of the TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light Switches soon.]
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