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    External antenna tplink 901 nd V2

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    Hello how are you ? My name is Victor, and I have the following question.
    I add to my oldie AP WA901ND V2 an external antenna, and I do not know if it is the same to connect this antenna
    replacing any of the antennas that it brings or
    I must connect it in the central connector, the one of the left or the one of the right.
    The outside antenna is a panel type to take signal from a router that is about 40 meters in the house of my neighbor.
    Thank you in advance and I hope you could help me.
    (I do not speak English, it's a translation made with the Google translator,
    apologies if it sounds as if the question was made by a homo neanderthalis, jiji)

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    the antenna of this AP are working at the same time and they should be next to each other. So i think removing one to another place is not a good idea.


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