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    Connection issues with TL-SG108E

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    I've recently bought a TL-SG108E for use at home. I've not done a massive amount of configuration on it beyond setting it to use DHCP to get its own IP address.

    I have a home wifi router (with 4 ports), and then this switch. When I plug a device directly into the router, it gets a decent connection and I can easily ping it from from another device plugged directly into the router.

    However, when I plug one of these devices into the switch, which is also plugged into the router, the connection gets very flakey. Pings will occasionally get through (more so if both sides are pinging each other), but mostly not.

    Is this an issue with the configuration of the switch, the switch itself, or something else on my network?

    If there's any pertinent information that I've left out that might help diagnose the issue, please do let me know.


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    Please note the ip address of TL-SG108E and lan port of Router, they should be different.If you only connect one client and router to the switch, this issue is strange.
    If you connect two PCs to this switch, these PCs ping each other, how about the result?


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