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    Post Download free Visio Stencils for TP-Link SMB Products!

    Hi All,

    If you have the need to create technical diagrams for network design and configuration, it would be great to be able to complete your network diagrams with TP-Link Visio Stencils.

    These stencils contain 36 icons covering all TP-Link SMB products which help you create meaningful network diagrams quickly and efficiently. They are listed in detailed categories such as Switches, SMB Routers, EAPs, CAPs, Pharos, Accessories, etc.

    How to use TP-Link Visio Stencil?

    1. Become a Microsoft Visio user. You need to access the stencils from within Microsoft Visio. Please make sure you are using Microsoft Office Visio 2003 or later.
    2. Download TP-Link Visio Stencil at this site: http://static.tp-link.com/TP-Link_Visio_Stencil.zip
    3. Open TP-Link Visio Stencil.vvs and select a drawing page. Drag and drop any of the shapes from the stencils onto your drawing page.

    Besides, you can check more details about the use of TP-link Stencils on this FAQ:http://www.tp-link.com/en/faq-1520.html
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