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    Pc or server in fixed IP no internet access

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    Hello I have a router 4G Tp-link MR6400 and I have a problem.
    When I set up a PC or a server in fixed IP I no longer have internet access.
    In DHCP everything works fine.
    I have tested with the DHCP of my server or with the DCHP activated on the router with a PC is it is always the same dice I spend in fixed IP more Internet access.
    Do you have an idea ? Because this blocks me on my Synology Nas I have no access for applications and updates.
    Thank you

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    I found the solution on another subject, you have to enter DNS like those of google for example in DHCP or like me on my DHCP server of my NAS.
    I do not find this normal, on a router your competitor no problem I think that would need to correct this.

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    DNS is necessary to get internet. A PC set to DHCP will get a DNS server, otherwise it won't have internet.
    You can use DHCP reservation to bind an IP for the NAS, if the NAS needs a static IP address.


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