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    How to get the MAC address table from a SG3216 switch via SNMP?

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    Hello !

    I have some SG3109 switchs which are monitoed to its known MAC addresses. This works, just as an example, using linux snmpwalk command, like this:
    >snmpwalk -v 2c -c public .
    and one can even pick the mac addresses directly.

    Astounding for me, querying the bigger switches I have in use (SG3216) , which I bought later (some time after the SG3109) fails!
    Does that mean, the snmp bridge MIB is not supported on this switch?
    What so about the TL1600 - which is probably my next candidate.

    But from a security perspective, a LAN has to be watched for foreign addresses and so I hasitate to buy a new switch from
    TP-LINK, because I am unable to find the reason:
    - not supported ??
    - how to configure the switch to access this OID: .

    Thanks anyway,

    Note: There are several "standards" to this, see: http://cric.grenoble.cnrs.fr/Adminis...
    - IP-MIB (CISCO)
    - RFC1213-MIB (DELL)
    - IP-MIB (DELL)
    - IP-MIB (ietf)
    - RFC1213-MIB (ietf)
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