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    EAP225 blocking discovery of chromecast devices

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    I have a single EAP225 set up in my home. Before I installed the EAP225 I was using the wireless built into my WDR3600 router. On my phone the YouTube app used to discover my FireTVs as devices to cast to. After installing the EAP225 I turned off the wireless on my WDR3600 and am using the wireless on my EAP225. I no longer see any devices to cast to through the YouTube app. All websites and streaming work while connected to the EAP225. What could be blocking discovery of casting devices while connected through the EAP225?

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    Are you talking FireTVs or Chromecast?

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    Sorry, I have both types of devices on my network. It is the FireTVs that don't show up.

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    1. Verify that your Fire TV has the latest update. It should have been installed in the background automatically, but to double check go to Settings > System > About > Check for System Updateand. If not, just go ahead and install it.
    2.Try Allcast App http:// http://newatlas.com/stream-a...utorial/32591/

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    We got a similar feedback recently, and the customer gave us a feedback that he solved the problem by reset this FireTV. So if you have the similar problem, it's recommended to reset your FireTV box first. If the problem still exists, you can communicate here again.

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