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    EAP225 - Wi-Fi stops showing after 12hour

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    i purchased a EAP225 and an EAP110 for an office installation the other week. EAP110 works fine. EAP225 works and then stops emitting a Wi-Fi signal after around 12hours. After reboot Wi-Fi shows up again.

    - factory reset both units.
    - update to firmware on both units.
    - EAP225 shows green light on when Wi-Fi signal fails.
    - EAP225 is POE

    help and comments welcomed. Thank you in advance.

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    Did 2.4G and 5G frequency on EAP225 both disappear at the same time? I have the same issue on my EAP220 2.4G when the channel was, so I fixed it at 1. Now the EAP has been stable for about 2 days.

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    Do you fix it or not?


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