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    Junior Member TP1783 is on a distinguished road
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    will decom5 get web UI?

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    i am relly happy with the product
    will it get web interface so i can connect via pc?
    also the deco app is not working well with samsung S7 edge (android 7.0) the right menu couses the app to crash and the interface is all over the place
    i have 2 decoM5 units
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    We will evaluate whether to add web UI for Deco. This will need some time.
    For the app crash issue, can you provide some more information?
    It seems the menu or the settings on deco app is not in the right order. Did you make it with some special option or did it do this automatically?
    Is there any RAM Saver Pro installed on your Phone? You may have a try to uninstall it.
    If you don‘t know whether there is RMA Saver Pro or not, go to Developer Option on your phone and cut a screenshot then share with us.
    And Make sure the power save mode is not started on the phone.

    Besides, is your Deco APP with the latest version 1.2.5? How about other phones, will they have the same issue?

    If it is possible, please provide us your TP-Link ID. Thank you!

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    +1 for web ui

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    +1 for WebUI - App is a nice to have.... WebUI is a MUST! =)

    BTW: The Forum is still not HTTPS...as a network equipment company you should really care about that

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    I just got my Deco M5 yesterday and got it going pretty quick. And I just registered here today for saying

    "+1 for WebUI"

    Please keep in mind that Advanced user like to have a nice WebUI. (Or some even prefer command line interface).

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    Junior Member on8a is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2017
    +1 from me too.

    Actually I won't even buy the Deco M5 until two issues will be fixed.
    Firstly a configurable IP adress range is a must have. Preferably with the option to turn off the DHCP so that my original router (that I can't replace due to VoIP issues) still acts as the system master.
    Secondly I never liked the idea using a phone to configure a network. When it comes to more complex systems it is way to cumbersome to manage in the phone's GUI. Having 50+ nodes in the system that needs port forwarding settings, static IP etc.

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    Thanks for all feedbacks. We will collect and report all your suggestions and advice to the relevant departments for evaluating.
    It's appreciated to hear feedbacks more from you.

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    Junior Member Gottria is on a distinguished road
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    on8a, can't you just turn the Deco system to Access Point mode and it should use the existing routers IP scheme.


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