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Thread: Need HELP ASAP

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    Angry Need HELP ASAP

    Model : Archer CR1750

    Hardware Version : V1.1

    Firmware Version : Software Version: v1.0.3 Build 20150413 Rel12120

    ISP : [/COLOR]. Black

    PlayStation 4 direct connected using LAN cable (350 Mbps), husband's PlayStation 4 is on wifi. My PlayStation plays just fine when he's not on wifi. When he's direct connected, mine is fine. This Archer CR1750 replaced modem from cable company because it got zapped by power outage (hate that hospital). Anyway, if he turns on his laptop, my PlayStation lags out terribly. I can operate my tablet and cell phone off the 5G just fine but the 2.4G that his PlayStation is hooked up to lags me out as well. He adamantly refuses to switch it over to LAN so I can quit lagging out and my headset lags out horribly. My cable company won't help as far as checking to see if it's connected properly and I get no answer from these forums. My husband has now started calling me an idiot because I can't figure it out (didn't take computer class for networking). Please help ASAP. I'm ready to get rid of this Archer CR1750. It's been nothing but headaches.
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    Is your husband's laptop available to connect to 5Ghz? Will this lag your out your PS4.
    It seems to be some compatible issue, you may email or phone TP-link support for help.

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    see here we can only give you the instruction for that but the instruction from our side may be worked or not, so why not you try a technical support person who can help you each and everything in this matter.....if you want then i can give you the number for that.....

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    For sure, it is all about compatibility.
    I would recommend you to phone TP-link support.
    Only these guys could help you. No one knows modems better than they are
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