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    Lightbulb CPE 210/220 - CPE 510/520 v3 now available

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    According to http://www.tp-link.de/download/CPE210_V3.html - http://www.tp-link.de/download/CPE510_V3.html v3 of the CPE210/200 and CPE510/520 is now available...Comparing the Installation Guide to that of v2 one can initially notice the new mounting plate for the PoE adaptor. Other than that it pretty much resembles v2 hardware - i.e. 1 ethernet for 510, 2 for 520 etc. Watch this space for more as it becomes available.

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    Note that the CPE220/520 models are not available in the EU according to TP-Link support - they probably have been manufactured for other countries only (e.g. Australia and the Americas). But I found one shop in Austria selling those devices for nearly double the price of the 210/510 models.

    The new PoE adapter pretty much looks like those from Ubiquiti regarding the mounting plate, which allows wall-mounting the adapter. Nice!

    What I will be missing with the new CPE210/510 EU versions is the second LAN port to be able to easily combine them with an EAP110-Outdoor by direct connection and with only one power supply for both devices (16 to 17 watts in total, works great with the old PoE adapter).

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    At present, CPE220/520 are only sold in South America and the Middle East. Maybe in the short future, they will be available in EU. CPE210 V3 and CPE510 V3 are not put on the market yet even we can obtain some information on the website. I also like the new PoE Adapter, more convenient to manage the adapter. Since CPE510 V2.0, there is only one Ethernet port on it. CPE510 V3.0 definitely only have 1 LAN port. Both don't have PoE Passthrough

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    The CPE220 / 520 will not become available in the EU since they have an EIRP of 42 and 43 dBm (15 and 19 watts), which is not allowed in the EU.


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