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    Bandwith division

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    Good day to everyone.
    I have a quick question - for wireless router N 150M I have created a rule to controle the bandwith:
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    When I set he limiting speet for a set of IP addresses, how is it applied? Every device within the IP rande will have the speed limit in the defined level, or this rule applies to all of the devices connected within the range?
    So lets say I set up to 200 Kbps for - This wants to say that all devices with IP between *.100 and *.189 will have 200 Kbps each? So if I would have for example 5 devices connected in the same time, their total bitrate could be up to 1Mbps?
    Or this is a speed shared between all of the devices with IPs in the given range? So no matter how many devices are connected, as long as they are with IP within the given range, the overall bitrate wont surpass 200 Kbps?
    Thnaks for the reply.

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    All the IPs in the range will share the bandwidth of 200Kbps for the rules you set up. You can get more details about the bandwidth control setup in this link: http://www.tp-link.com/us/faq-557.html

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    Thank a lot!

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    Would an ISP care about bandwidth usage?

    I just set up a web server and I was wondering, would my ISP care if I use a lot of bandwidth or not? I have Road Runner High Speed (cable) assignment writing service


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