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    M7350v3.20 WLAN restarts

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Model: M7350

    Hardware Version: M7350(EU) v3.20 (faced same issue on v3 which got replaced by v3.20)

    Firmware Version: 1.1.3 Build 161226 Rel.1018n

    ISP: Red Bull Mobile (LTE)

    Hey guys,
    I have a problem with WLAN on my M7350 which is periodically (but also randomly) restarting for no reason after 1, 2 or sometimes 5 minutes. But there are situations when connection is stable for even 30minutes.
    The problem is that I cannot find the reason why WLAN is restarting dropping connections for all devices (2 mobiles, laptop and router connected as a client, but problem occurs even for single device).
    It's weird but same issue happen on M7350(EU) v3 which got replaced after my compliant so I exclude the possibility of hardware issue.

    I was trying various setup with no luck:
    Power Saving On or OFF
    Wireless Mode 11n or 11an
    Channel Auto or specified
    Charging and working on battery
    I prefer to use 5GHz but I've noticed same restarts on 2.4GHz
    I even changed the sim card to different provider

    Please find he latest log messages below:
    ID    Time    Type    Level    Content
    1    08-01 22:06:05    DHCP    INFO    DHCPACK(br0) [My laptop MAC address] PAWEL-LAP
    2    08-01 22:06:05    DHCP    INFO    DHCPREQUEST(br0) [My laptop MAC address]
    3    08-01 22:05:57    WLAN    INFO    Current STA num: 0
    4    08-01 22:05:57    WLAN    INFO    WLAN UP
    5    08-01 22:05:56    WLAN    INFO    WLAN DOWN
    6    08-01 22:05:55    WLAN    INFO    restart wlan without reloading driver!
    7    08-01 22:05:55    WLAN    INFO    To restart WLAN...
    8    08-01 22:05:41    WLAN    INFO    Current STA num: 0
    9    08-01 22:05:41    WLAN    INFO    WLAN UP
    10    08-01 22:05:40    WLAN    INFO    WLAN DOWN
    11    08-01 22:05:38    WLAN    INFO    restart wlan without reloading driver!
    12    08-01 22:05:38    WLAN    INFO    To restart WLAN...

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    You may email tp-link support to get help.

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    Hi from Greece!
    Sorry for hijacking the thread but I'm having similar issues with my M7350 I bought last month.

    Model: M7350 (EU)

    Hardware version : v3

    Firmware version : 1.1.1 Build 160330 Rel.1002n

    ISP: Cosmote (4G)

    I keep having disconnections at random times, regardless the number of clients connected.

    For instance I'm now typing this on my Asus UX390 connected to the M7350.

    Those DHCP requests mostly cause WiFi interruptions.

    Here's the Log file:

    ID Time Type Level Content
    1 08-15 15:17:37 DHCP INFO DHCPACK(br0) a0:c5:89:25:fe:1d ASUS
    2 08-15 15:17:37 DHCP INFO DHCPREQUEST(br0) a0:c5:89:25:fe:1d
    3 08-15 15:12:42 DHCP INFO DHCPACK(br0) a0:c5:89:25:fe:1d ASUS
    4 08-15 15:12:42 DHCP INFO DHCPREQUEST(br0) a0:c5:89:25:fe:1d
    5 08-15 15:12:37 DHCP INFO DHCPACK(br0) a0:c5:89:25:fe:1d ASUS
    6 08-15 15:12:37 DHCP INFO DHCPREQUEST(br0) a0:c5:89:25:fe:1d
    7 08-15 14:46:08 DHCP INFO DHCPACK(br0) a0:c5:89:25:fe:1d ASUS
    8 08-15 14:46:08 DHCP INFO DHCPREQUEST(br0) a0:c5:89:25:fe:1d
    9 08-15 14:41:08 DHCP INFO DHCPACK(br0) a0:c5:89:25:fe:1d ASUS
    10 08-15 14:41:08 DHCP INFO DHCPREQUEST(br0) a0:c5:89:25:fe:1d
    11 08-15 14:14:34 DHCP INFO DHCPACK(br0) a0:c5:89:25:fe:1d ASUS
    12 08-15 14:14:34 DHCP INFO DHCPREQUEST(br0) a0:c5:89:25:fe:1d
    13 08-15 14:09:33 DHCP INFO DHCPACK(br0) a0:c5:89:25:fe:1d ASUS
    14 08-15 14:09:33 DHCP INFO DHCPREQUEST(br0) a0:c5:89:25:fe:1d
    15 08-15 13:57:18 WLAN INFO Current STA num: 0
    16 08-15 13:57:18 WLAN INFO WLAN UP
    17 08-15 13:57:15 4G INFO Connected to IPv4 network!
    18 08-15 13:57:14 4G INFO Start connecting to a IPv4 network!
    19 08-15 13:57:14 4G INFO Network type is LTE
    20 08-15 13:57:14 4G INFO Now registrat on network 202 1
    21 08-15 13:57:14 4G INFO Registered with a network!
    22 08-15 13:57:14 4G INFO Not registered; Not currently searching!
    23 08-15 13:57:13 SMS INFO GET_SMSC_ADDRESS response, value = 3097100000
    24 08-15 13:57:13 WLAN INFO Wake up WLAN.
    25 08-15 13:57:11 WLAN INFO To generate default hostapd conf

    Power saving is OFF
    DHCP server Lease time is set to 120
    Secondary DNS Server is set to

    Any idea what's wrong with this MiFi?

    P.S.: I also have a Huawei E583C MiFi which has been working without the least problem since day one (but it is just 3G).

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    Hi PolterThe log doesn't tell anything about the disconnection.
    What's the connection status on page when the wifi disconnects?
    Does the issue happen on both 2.4G and 5G?

    You can try to change the channel and channel width.
    For 2.4G, channel 1,6 ,11 and channel width 20MHz are recommended.

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    Hi vieldcs.
    I've tried changing the channel to 1 for 2.4G (there's no option for channel width on my M7350). I still have disconnection periods for several seconds. On these periods the IP is unreachable.
    The exact same thing happens on 5G too.

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    did you ever reset the device Polter? maybe you check the log when it's working but that doesn't indicate anything. You can try login from different computers to check the status and log when it drop again

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    Hi from Poland,
    I have the same problem on M7350 V3.2. It occurs only when I use the 5HGz band. Rrestarts occurs even every 10 seconds - massacre. The problem is with the original firmware and the latest one.
    It never occurs when I use 2.4GHz band.


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