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    TL-WA801 loose internet connection on AP mode

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    Hi all, I'm having problems with this AP, after a few hours of use the devices connected loose the internet access. The workaround is reset the AP, almost twice a day.

    It's connected to a TD-W8901 ADSL router (by wire), and happen the same, the devices connected to it looses the internet access after a few hours of use, but only the ones connected by wire, Wifi always works good. Here, the solution was to change de IP from automatic to static, this way works ok. I tried to change the IP of the AP to static but no change, the problem persist. Then tried to change the IP of the WiFi devices to static, but still don't work. Now the IP are all statics, router, AP, PCs, WiFi devices.

    What can be wrong? Before, was another AP (TL-Wa701) and another ADSL router (TP-link too, no remember the model) and was the same, it always lose the internet connection.


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    It sounds like an issue with the TD-W8901's wired connection. What's the firmware version and hardware version of the 8901 and WA901? You may try upgrade both of them to their latest firmware first.


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