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    ~5x/week reboot needed due to "error code: 1, internal error" (archer mr200)

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    Hi,I am using an archer mr200 in Spain with an amena SIM. Almost every day there comes a moment when the I lose internet access. When I then login to the router, I get the "error code : 1 internal error " message displayed. The admin console doesn't show up... (But I can click the link to reboot the device). With reboot the problem is gone. Very annoying. And in my setup (router in my vacation home) a real killer as I can not restart remotely. Anyone having an idea how to solve this?Thanks a lot in advance!
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    What's the firmware version of the MR200? You may try update it to the latest one. Also try contact TP-Link tech support to see whether they have any ideas.

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    Latest firmware (160905) is in place. Will contact support as suggested.Thank.

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    Hello !

    I'm having the same problem with my MR200 (I'm from France and working with "Free mobile")
    Do you have any solution from TP-Link support ?


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    I installed a new beta Firmware. Errors have reduced (but not gone away entirely).

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    Thank you for your answer

    Do you have any link to download it ? I can't found this beta firmware myself

    I just see MR200 V2, maybe V1 have material problems...

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    Thank you very much, I'll try this.

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    I am also having the same error code on the MR200. If somebody has a fix or found a solution, kindly share.

    Thanks everyone.

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    I have the same problem too on EE in the UK. Firmware is Firmware Version:0.9.1 1.1 v004a.0 Build 160905 Rel.60037nHardware Version:Archer MR200 v1 00000000

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    I don't have time for the moment to try beta software. I think I will try LEDE unofficial firmware if the official beta don't work better.
    I'll go back to tell you the results if you want...

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    Same problem here in Switzerland with Orange/Salt.....random disconnection ! Got the latest firmware ! ZeWeLL keep us update about the unofficial firmware ! Thanks

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    Same behavior for me ! Very annoying.

    A simple reboot and the problem is fixed...

    0.9.1 1.1 v004a.0 Build 160905 Rel.60037n

    Archer MR200 v1 00000001

    Does anyone has a solution ?

    Thank you !

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    Have no ideal , suggest you guys to contact the support team at support@tp-link.com, they will response.

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    Same probleme

    HiSome one have any solution for ?Operator : Free france Archer 200 V1Last version. i also tested the first version of software, but the problem cimes back after 2 or 3 days.""Tp link"" they should release a software including a restart solution, like dd-wrt. We can set time to reboot the routeur after X hours/ dans...


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