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    A1: The slave Deco unit will not be router mode, if you didn't connect the slave deco to main deco by ethernet cable, it would be like extender, then if you connect an ethernet cable between them, the slave deco would be working with ethernet backhaul, no need to switch the mode manually;
    A2: Similar to the question 1, after you install all the 3 Deco normally, the main Deco is on router mode, the other two slave Deco are in extender or access point mode, when you switch the mode on the Deco App, it is changing the mode on the main Deco.

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    Hi Enson Loo

    Many thanks for your help, it works fine now and I understand the difference.


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    Junior Member gavvythegunner is on a distinguished road
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    I have firmware version 1.2.12 (acording to about menu option) the only options in "advanced" are " ipv4 ipv6 Led.. and Notifiictaions" I need to set up AP nodes and dont seem to have the option to access the features outlined in the AP node "Howto" as outlined on this thread
    I have tried doing further firmware updates but I get a failure message, any suggestions?

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    A to Q2:
    yes, the third Deco would automatically turn into AP mode, no extra work needed.
    A to Q1:
    All 3 Deco would turn into AP mode together with a click of one button.

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    I have some questions.

    I have configuring Deco Ap mode
    and all Deco's working on the same frequency, how to reconfigure it?
    Deco Ap mode does not have a guest network, is it upgraded?
    Deco router mode does not have IP configuration options, is it upgraded?

    Thank you for your help

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    Junior Member jacobswa is on a distinguished road
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    What are the advantages and disadvantages of using AP mode vs Router mode? I originally thought I would have to use AP because I was connecting the Deco M5 to a Fios Quantum router--but I set the Deco up in Router mode and I seem to have no problems. Part of my system is connected directly to the Fios router, where I turned off the wifi signal, and then another satellite is directly connected to the main Deco through ethernet. The two remaining Deco units are connected through wifi. No problems. Coverage is great (using 4 Decos) in a very large house. I know that I can extend my Fios system if I use AP mode, but should I? Am I missing something?


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