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    Phones can't connect to TL-WA801ND in access point mode

    Model : TL-WA901ND

    Hardware Version : 3

    Firmware Version : 3.16.9 Build 160223 Rel.48414n

    Laptops connect just fine to the access point, but any mobile phones cannot get an IP address.

    Things I've tried:

    * Disabling DHCP
    * Ensuring MAC address filtering is off
    * Disabling Short GI
    * Disabling WMM
    * Updating firmware to the latest version

    Note: It's in access point mode... repeater mode would be useless this far away from the router

    If I switch the AP off and on, my phone will connect fine if I do it immediately, and it will even stay connected. However, if I try to reconnect, say, 5 minutes after restarting the AP, it'll say 'Connecting...' then just not bother. This occurs on both Android and iPhone.

    Does anybody know if this is a known issue or if there are any workarounds? Otherwise I might as well return the product, as it's kind of useless if our phones won't connect to it!

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    What's the version of iPhone? And what's the model of Android phone? For the laptop, how many laptops have you tested? What's the IP address on those laptops? You may try change the SSID, security, channel and channel width on the access point.

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    * iPhone 7
    * Galaxy A5 (2016) x2
    * Acer Chromebook 14
    * HP Pavilion of some description
    * Lenovo of some description

    The IP address is whatever my router's DHCP says. Or the AP's DHCP if enabled. The result is the same whichever way.

    I've changed the SSID to match the router (and not), I don't see the need to downgrade the security from WPA (if I do, this is a really bad product), channel and channel width have been adjusted multiple times with the aid of a WiFi scanner.

    I saw somewhere else it had to do with a distance setting that is not available on this AP... is that a known issue?

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    Haven't heard about similar issues. Do you have special settings, like MAC filtering, Access control on your main router? Would the smart phones work well when they are connected to the router's wifi? If you disconnect everything else and try to connect a phone to the access point, will it work? Have you tried to reset the access points to factory default?
    The distance settings is mostly seen on outdoor access points. This one is an indoor access point.

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    I have the same model as you Model : TL-WA901ND Ver. 3
    I have been using it with out a problem for almost a year now, and mine is doing the Exact Same thing your is now for no reason! Started abouty 2 weeks ago. Exactly what you described, I have even tried some of the same testing to diagnose the problem... I was just Googling how to fix this and I found your post. I don't know if this is a known problem but it is not just you that is for sure!


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