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    TL-SG108E V3 Kills internet

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    I bought and thought this switch would fit my needs due to cost and reviews. I am disappointed thus far as I have set up the switch and after 3 days it takes my internet down. Once I unplug the switch and reset the router, things go back to normal. Thus far I have changed the IP address and have saved the settings. Still no luck. Is there an issues with the switch? If so I will return to where I purchased and hopefully get something that may be a little more reliable as thngs like this normally happen after I have gone to bed and my wife gets extremely irritated. Thanks for any advice on this.


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    I'm fairly new to networking switches as well and have been banging my head against the table trying to sort out the user interface.

    If I just go for straight plug and play, there is no problem. When I attempt to modify the switch setting and change my local IP address to the recommended as per the instructions, I lose connection to most of the internet. Now, I should mention that my internet connectivity does not go away, just my access to most of the internet. While I can still access Google, Youtube, Facebook, Yahoo, etc... I cannot go much beyond that.

    As an example, I can perform a search at Google.com and I can even see the search results pages, but clicking on any of the links results in a "DNS address could not be found" error. Resetting my local IP address to the 'Obtain an IP address automatically" allows me to access the greater web in general. An aside: I can view cached webpages on the Google search results, but I cannot access 'live' content.

    Changing DNS servers (such as using Google's / doesn't result any additional gains or changes. I think it may be a IPV4/IPV6 issue, but it's going to take some more troubleshooting.

    So, for now, I'm using it in dumb switch mode and not gaining any added network advantages.

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    I am not sure what you mean with "change my local IP address to the recommended as per the instructions".

    You have only change your IP to the IP to initially reach the switch in order to change its IP to a free IP from your home network so that you could reach the switch's web UI from your regular network.

    For example, if your router uses IP address and your PC dynamically gets an IP from the router, then your network is using the IP range.

    You would choose a free IP from this range (one not being used by the router for dynamic addresses and also not statically assigned to any device in your network) for your manageable switch to become its permanent address. Since the switch uses as default, you temporarily set on your PC, log in the web management UI and set the switch to the free IP from the 192.168.1.x range (for example:, but make sure that this IP is unused!). After this setting, you revert the IP of your PC back to DHCP or whatever it was before. You need to do this only once, but remember to save settings on the switch to make changes persistent.

    Of course the switch will not "provide Internet", it never does so, even not when setting its IP as described above. It's your router, which provides Internet and if you leave the router's network, you won't have access to the Internet anymore.
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    Hi, I have the same problem. At the monent that I connect my brandnew TL-SG108E V3 switch to the first port of my Belgium Telenet cable router the internet and the whole network slows down and becomes unusable.
    Even better. At the monent that I connect the TL-SG108E V3 switch anywhere on a walloulet port in to my network (witch has no problems) with a patchcable from the walloutlet port tot the first port of the TL-SG108E V3 switch the whole network slows down and becomes unusable.
    Would be nice someone could help me with this problem.


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