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    Tl-wr902ac + zte mf831

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    Hello All,

    Can you tell me if TL-WR902AC is compatible with ZTE MF831 4G modem from MEO/Portugal Telecom in Portugal?

    Where can I find the TL-WR902AC modem compatibility list?

    Thanks in advance,
    Luis Santos

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    There is no compatibility list for TL-WR902AC V1 since this product is not aimed to be used as 3G/4G router and that feature is not promoted also.
    If you want to get internet from SIM card and use wifi, I would recommend Mifi products which saves you a lot of trouble. You just need to plug in the SIM card and use wifi, instead of checking the compatibility issues around.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    In fact, this is not what is promoted on TP-Link side:

    Versatile USB – For file sharing or internet access from a 3G/4G USB modem
    Travel-Sized Design – Conveniently small and light to pack and take on the road, creating Wi-Fi network via Ethernet, 3G/4G USB modem or WISP

    So, I assume I would be able to connect a 3G/4G modem on that TP Link router and would be able to share 3G/4G connection among different equipment's.

    What is not clear and not sure if some Admin or TP-Link representatives can confirm, if ZTE MD831 is compatible with TL-WR902AC.

    Can TP-Link confirm?

    Thanks in advance.
    Luis Santos

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    Sorry that we don't have the compatibility list for TL-WR902AC, thus we cannot tell whether your modem is compatible or not. If you want a device to use with SIM card, we would recommend the TL-MR200 and TL-MR6400 in this link: http://www.tp-link.pt/products/list-4691.html
    With MR200 and MR6400, you can plug in a SIM card with compatible format and get internet from them.
    For the TL-MR3020 and TL-MR3420, your modem are not in the compatibility list, which means we also cannot make sure whether it is compatible or not.


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