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    Virtual Server behind VPN

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    Hi All,

    I have an ER6020 and created a virtual server for port 80.
    This virtual server is accessable for everyone who is in the WAN IP-segment.
    The WAN has now a local IP-address (
    Is it possible to put the created virtual server behind a VPN so a person has to login before he/she can access the virtual server at port 80?

    I am wondering if the virtual server is still accessible if it has an public internet address.
    For now I cannot test this, but the router is going to be used as a router behind a cable modem with a public IP-address.


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    The VPN can make sure you can connect to the VPN server's LAN side. If you have build up a VPN tunnel, it will has no need to set virtual server to open port 80.
    The client and VPN server's LAN will be in the same subnet, they can get to each other.


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