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    HS200 Light switch wiring

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    Hi, my problem is I have two light switches in the kitchen, opposite sides and they control the same lights. I was not able to get it to work one HS200 one regular. I'm attaching pictures of the wires for both switches maybe someone can help me. I was able to test the HS200 switch successfully in another single switch.

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    It sounds like you are trying to use the HS200 to replace a 3-way switch. This link may help you out: http://www.tp-link.com/en/faq-1372.html
    But you'd better don't use it that way since you need to change the whole wiring system in the kitchen which is complicated.

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    That FAQ article doesn't explain how to install it in 3-way mode at all! It asks the question, then shows scenarios, but provides no instructions on how to do it. You say in your answer above that you need to change the whole wiring system. Where are the instructions to do that? The FAQ doesn't even mention it! Please Help!!!


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