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    Virtual Server set-up on L-MR3420 wireless N Router

    Model : TL-MR3420

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version : 3.16.9 Build 160412 Rel 45197n

    ISP : Optus[/COLOR]

    In setting up some Virtual server connections in the router the user guide Pgae45 says to ensure that NAT is enabled
    I cannot find this parameter in any of the entries to check if it is enabled or not?

    Please indicate where to find it so I may check its staus

    Also for the Virtual server changes does the router have to be rebooted?

    Thank you for any assistance you can provide

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    For the NAT, it is enabled by default as long as you use this as a router, i.e. get internet from 3G/4G modem or by connecting your ISP to the WAN port.
    About the reboot, mostly it is needed. The TP-Link setup page will remind you if it is necessary.


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