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    Junior Member ddfdesign is on a distinguished road
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    AC750 RE200 loses 5G?

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    I have set up the AC750 extender but it alsways seems to lose the 5G connection. Does anyone know why this would be?
    Is there a firmware update for this model? And if so - it says it shuld not be updated by wifi. How do you connect directl to the computer?

    Thank you,


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    how about your other devices, do they connect fine to router using 5ghz? what is the distance between this extender and router?
    5Ghz is not good at long distance, maybe that is the problem.

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    Dec 2017

    Random Connection Loss on 5GHZ RE200

    on 5GHZ band with v1 with latest firmware 5GHZ keeps loosing connection. This is a KNOWN PROBLEM with RE200...Internet is full of it and in most cases TP-Link was ignoring the problem.

    - Happens only on 5ghz
    - Both regular usage and high speed
    - Signal quality is very good, there is no point about moving repeater to another location
    - Channel switching was tried both low, middle and high ones. Channels were scanned and always the ones with no interference are picked
    - Auto channel was also tried
    - Usually connection gets lost and will not be established again automatically...You need to login in and hit connect button or simply unplug it for reconnect

    This problem is super annoying and based on 2 years of experience both with my model, the ones from friends and 100s in the internet (amazon feedbacks, board discussions...)

    Please provide a solution!


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