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    Question Smart Bulb Presets

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    I purchased multiple LB130 multicolor smart bulbs. Love them, but I think it would be VERY beneficial if you were able to create a preset lighting color/brightness and then save it and apply it to different bulbs. In two cases I have matching lamps that are near each other in the room and to get both bulbs to the same exact settings proves to be very difficult, especially when it comes to color. The brightness at least had a percent scale to let you know the exact value... but the color gradient you pick from is finicky and very hard to get to the same spot across multiple bulbs since you have to *try* and remember where you set it on the previous preset. (This is compounded by the fact that when you are adjusting the presets... you can't see the light change in real time. You have to guess, go back and check, then go guess on your next bulb and go back and test.)

    A place to create a few global presets that could be used or pulled into a bulbs local presets would be very useful. Is there a solution for this problems? ^^


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    nice idea, you can send some feedback to tp-link email support so their engineers will take this into consideration.


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