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    Tp Link TL-WA830RE every light off exept the power light

    Model : TL-WA830RE

    Hardware Version : V2

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : NET VIRTUA (Brasil)[/COLOR]

    Hi, so i have this TP.Link WA830RE V2 for about 8 months, and today it stoped working, only the power light was on, and every other light was off, even one that, according to the manual, says that if its off it means system error.
    and to make things worse, the ethernet port inst working, my computer simply dont recognize the extender, neither my computer nor the extender seem to have the port damaged, and the only way to access the extender software is by that ethernet port(it only has 1 ethernet port).
    any tips on how to solve this problem?
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    It seems like a hardware issue, you can call the TP-Link support to check it.

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    will do, thx for the advice


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