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    TL-WPA4230P Partial brick after firmware update

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    I have a TL-WPA4230Pas part of the powerline adaptor kit. I performed a firmware upgrade on it via the web GUI but after the device restarted it is no longer running properly. The Power, Network and WiFi lights are all lit constantly and there is no wifi signal produced. I cannot access it via the web GUI anymore. When I connect directly to the plug the tpPLC software does detect it but I am unable to re-flash the firmware since the software asks for nvm and pib files whereas the only download available is the .bin file.

    Does anyone know how to get the nvm and pib files out of the .bin file I have? Or any other way to re-flash the firmware.


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    The firmware for powerline extenders has two part, one part is wired, one part is wireless. The bin file is wireless firmware, the NVM is wired firmware. It seems there is no wired firmware available on the website.
    Normally after the firmware update, the wifi name of the extender will back to factory settings, do you see a wiif name called TP-LINK? Do you have internet access from the extender with wired connection? If no, you can try hold the RESET button on the extender for 10s and see if the lights change.

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    The plug was actually returned under warranty and replaced by TP Link. It appears that I could not connect to the plug to be able to re-install the firmware. All working now but I'm holding off the firmware update!

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    Exactly the same has just happened to mine!

    Guess I'll have to make contact with TP link support


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