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    AC750 RE200 Configration as Access Point and Power Schedule

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    I purchased this device as I was told it can be used as an access point.
    Reading the manual (1910012003_RE200(EU)(US)(UK)(AU)_V2_UG) Ch 4.2.1, I saw that it's true.
    link to manual: http://static.tp-link.com/1910012003_RE200(EU)(US)(UK)(AU)_V2_UG.pdf
    However, when I try doing it with the device I received, the relevant menu option is not available.

    The same goes for Power Schedule (Ch. 5.3).

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    What's the Hardware Version of your extender? Only V2 has Access Point mode, V1 doesn't support it.

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    The HW version is v1.
    The supplier does not have v2.
    I'll have to look for a different solution...


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