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    TL-SG105E vlan not forwarding through trunk

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    I set up the vlan as follows:Vlan id 10: port 1 tagged, port 2-4 untagged, 5 excludedVlan id 20: port 1 tagged, port 5 untagged, 2-4 excludedPvid is set to 10 for port 2-4 and 20 for port 5Using the built in monitoring tool i can see all of the traffic recieving good packets on port 5 and nothing going over the trunk on port 1.Any advice? A bad switch?On port 5 is this hdmi to tcp converter: http://www.lenkeng.net/home/Index/detail/id/72I estimate it to be doing around 36mbps.It works fine without the vlan so i am stumped.Everything I connect to vlan 10 works fine and traffic flows as expected.Thanks

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    You should also check the vlan tag configuration that you have on the other network device that you plugged into port 1


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