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    Light Bulbs No Longer Turn On (Even After Reset)

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    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has had this issue. I recently purchased 3 LB110 bulbs from Amazon. I installed them and everything seemed to be fine, but after a couple of days all three became unresponsive. After switching the wall light switch off, the bulbs wouldn't turn on again. I tried a reset and factory reset by doing the on/off method but still no 3 flashes showing it's in pairing mode. There is no response at all, the bulbs just stay off and don't emit a wifi signal.

    Has anyone else had this issue? It's unacceptable for the bulbs to not be working after just a few days...

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    you need to keep the wall light switch on so the bulb has power to send out signal.

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    When you restore power to the bulbs with the light switch they should turn on. If not they may be dead, or perhaps the circuit breaker has popped? If they're turning on and not flashing after the reset it could be they're already reset, use your phone to see if they're broadcasting to set them up again.

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    I did keep the wall light on and no response. Checked the circuit breakers and nothing has tripped. If I unscrew the bulb and screw in a normal LED bulb it illuminates as soon as I screw it in. Unscrew it and screw in the TP Link bulb and nothing happens. Stays off. And now TP Link won't replace them...

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    have you contacted TP-Link support directly? they should replace it within warranty period.

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    Realised the issue. The bulbs were bought in the American Amazon store where the bulbs have a voltage limit of 120V as is the norm in the USA. Unfortunately, where I live in South Africa the voltage is double that so the bulbs simply blew.

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    do you have friends in USA? you can mail the bulb to them and ask them to apply warranty for you from TP-link. it seems that TP-link don't provide global warranty.


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