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    Turn off IGMP snooping on Archer C50

    Model : Archer C50

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Firmware Version:0.8.0 0.2 v005c.1 Build 160612 Rel.64064n Hardware Version:Archer C50 v2 00000000

    I need to disable all IGMP snooping on this unit. I've unchecked the box on the local network tab but the device continues to send IGMP related traffic that one of my Cisco routers is seeing. I really want the device dumbed down as I'm only using it as an AP and I don't need it doing anything smart. Suggestions?

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    have you rebooted after after you disable IGMP? if no luck, it is better to email tp-link support.

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    Not sure if same on c50 but on c3150 there is igmp proxy that is on by default under advance on internet setting. My want to look there.


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