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    AD7200 Access point Only (again)

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    Hello form France
    My network is on 192.168.0.xxx
    I have plug my AD7200 on a lan port (not wan) and disable DHCP to be on the same network. It works
    I have also put an static IP on my AD7200 (my box in
    when i scan my network, i found my AD7200 on and impossible now to reach it on any browser
    Of course, i have no other device on

    The only solution that i found to reach it again is to plug it on wan port and enable DHCP, but after i have 2 different network (and i don't want)

    Do you have any ideas ?
    Really thanks for your help
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    change it wan to static ip then change its lan ip to, later disable DHCP. last connect cable from main router to lan 1 of AD7200.


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