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    Set up TL-SG108E

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    My TP link router was a bit overcrowded, 4 ports used and still I needed more. The guy in the PC store recommended this "easy" switch. The instructions for setting up are not very clear for a non techie person. I was told just plug it into the router using one of the ports, put the other ethernet cables into the ports for additional equipment, put the power on and your good to go. Not correct. Is there a video/step by stem instruction on setting up and running this switch? The switch took my main routers IP address and consequently blocked my PC from connecting to the net. I would have thought that this is something the software should do automatically and change it's IP to one given by the main router.

    The switch is within an inch of it's life and a big hammer. Please advise in laymans terms, Thanks

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    For most people the switch works as just plug-and-play. But if your network uses IPs in the 192.168.0.x range, you need to configure the IP of the switch, which is by default

    It's easy to do in a few steps:

    1. Connect the switch directly to your PC. Don't connect anything to the other ports of the switch for the initial setup.
    2. Set your PC to a static (fixed) IP, for example to
    3. Start a web-browser, go to
    4. Log into the switch using admin/admin for username/passwort.
    5. Find IP settings in the System menu of the switch and change it to a free IP in your network, for example to: (but make sure the .2 is really unused, else use another free number). Save this config on the switch (Save config function). Done.

    You then can revert IP settings of your PC and connect all devices to the switch.


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