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    TL-SG1024DE VLAN IP range Assignment

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    I was able to connect my switch to the network, and create a 802.1Q VLAN. My question is, how do I assign an address range to this VLAN.
    For example, my switch is on the 192.168.1.x network. I created VLAN 101, so how do I assign a different address range (say 192.168.101.x) to this VLAN?

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    The TL-SG1024DE is a Layer-2 switch. You can't assign IPs to networks on L2 switches. The IPs must be either set statically on all connected devices or you can use a DHCP server to have it dynamically assign IPs to the devices connected to a VLAN. Of course this DHCP server then needs to support VLANs, too. The switch itself doesn't even need to know subnet IPs in order to forward traffic over VLANs.


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