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    Question 470T+ to Asus RT-AC56R questions

    Model : TL-R470T+

    Hardware Version : Not Clear

    Firmware Version : latest

    ISP : Consolidated Communcations[/COLOR]

    Hello, I'm running into an issue with my router I'm wondering if it's possible to do do the following.

    1. Connect two DSL lines to 470T+ and then distribute there connections to my Asus RT-AC56R and allow that router to host my network and also doing the QOS for the security system.

    Currently I've tried a bunch different ways and honestly unsure if what want to do is even possible.

    Currently I have 1 DSL connections to the TP link wan port 1 then a networking cable from lan 4 to Asus RT-AC56R wan port to allow Internet access for my network.

    Second DSL arrives this Friday so I'd like to be able to limit the security systems outbound upload so it does not bog down the whole network while allowing even distribution of my dsl connections over my network

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    Hey dude, I think you can achieve that.


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