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    EAP225 Guest Network

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    I'm in the market for a new AP, and the price/features of the EAP225 look really good to me.

    The only thing I haven't been able to find is if I am able to have a guest networking without captive portal and client isolation(clients on guest network can't see other wireless clients or wired clients just internet access)

    Is this possible?

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    Yes, you can set up a guest network w/o portal and with client isolation, but since the EAP is an AP only (not a router!) it just offers functionality to create several SSIDs (one of it you could assign to a guest network), so you will have to handle subnetting and firewalling on a router or using a L3-switch in your network.

    See http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....n-EAP-products for an example on how to set up Multi-SSIDs with VLAN-based subnets to get an idea what's needed for a guest network.


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