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Hello all,

I have a TP-Link TL-ER604W Load Balancing Router.

I have 2 incoming DSL connections at the same speed, 7mb down/0.4mb up (Origin Broadband, UK) I have managed to aggregate them together in the form of both Modems in bridge mode and connecting to my ISP via PPPoE. All seems to be fine, websites load, steam downloads faster etc.

Now the hard part, Games are coming back at me saying my NAT is strict and I need to open ports. I have tried a multitude of things:

Disable NAT - No internet connection
Virtual Servers - No Effect
Port Triggering - No Effect

Putting my PC into DMZ has no effect due to the fact the connections need to be static and setting Multi-Nets NAT.

So as it stands I am stuck with faster internet, but unable to play some games.