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Just purchased and setup the Deco M5 system with 3 units. I have the primary Deco plugged directly into a cable modem. The Deco is running as the only router on the network. The remaining 2 Deco units are all connected by wireless. All 3 Decos updated to the latest firmware update when they were hooked up. The problem right now is the Deco app is not showing me all of the connected wireless devices.

I have a wireless security camera that does not show up in the device list. I need to be able to set up port forwarding for the camera, but the port forwarding feature on the app is terrible in that you must select a device already in the list to use. It will not let you manually type in an IP address.

The camera has a static IP address. I can connect to the camera wirelessly on the Deco M5 network through my phone and through a computer without issues. So it is connect and working on the Deco M5 network, but the Deco app will not show it as a listed device, so I cannot setup external port forwarding.

I tried to disable Static IP on the camera and enabled DHCP on it. It pulled a new IP address which was assigned by Deco, but yet the Deco app will still not show it in the list so I still cannot setup port forwarding for the camera.

I have tried rebooting all of the individual Deco units. I have rebooted and factory reset the IP camera. I have rebooted the Deco app and the phone that uses the app. Nothing works to show it in the device list on the deco app.

What can I do? Why can't we manually enter an IP address for port forwarding instead of having to select a device from the drop down list?

Any advice would be appreciated.